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At Principal Retirement Advisors Pvt. Ltd. we understand that our customer and website Visitors are concerned about the privacy of information. We have established policies and procedures concerning the collection, use and security of your information that will help protect your privacy. Our privacy policies are designed to help us serve our customers while maintaining strict privacy and security standards. The following summarizes our privacy policies with respect to personally identifiable information that we collect through this website about individuals who use or visit this website. It also identifies the categories of third party persons or entities with which we share the collected personally identifiable information. More detailed policy and security statements can be found by following the links on the left and within the summaries below.

Changes to our privacy policies may be made occasionally. We recommend that visitors to our site review our privacy policies from time to time to learn of new privacy practices and changes to our policies. To ensure service quality and to serve customers better, Principal expressly reserves the right to access, archive, modify, or monitor any use of this website.

During the normal course of doing business with you, we may collect information about you from the following sources;

  • information we receive from you on applications or other forms;
  • information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others; and
  • information collected through an Internet "cookie" (an information collecting device from a web server).

Online Information Collection

For each visitor to our website, our Web server automatically recognizes the visitor's Internet service provider.  Additionally, we may collect rs certain kinds of personally identifiable information. The information we collect will vary depending upon the function the Visitor selects and the information the Visitor provides. For example we may collect the following categories of personally identifiable information:

  • Name
  • Physical address
  • An e-mail address
  • Birthday
  • Phone number
  • Policy information
  • Social Security Number
  • Account information
  • PAN Details
  • KYC status documents

For individuals that login as representatives of a business or corporate account, we may gather information based on your relationship with our organization for the purposes of providing customized services online.

If you supply us with your e-mail address on-line you may receive periodic messages from us with information on new products and services or upcoming events. If you supply us with your postal address on-line you may receive periodic mailings from us with information on new products and services or upcoming events. If you supply us with your telephone number on-line you may receive telephone contact from us with information regarding products or services you have asked for on-line. You also may receive telephone contact from us with information regarding new products and services or upcoming events.

Visitor Data Collected on this Web Site

We automatically collect summary information about the Web pages visitors access. We use the information to improve the content of our Web pages. We do not use this information to track the activity of individual visitors, and the summary information is not traceable to individual visitors unless visitors have voluntarily identified themselves. We collect the e-mail addresses of visitors to our website when visitors provide them, the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail, and information volunteered by the visitor, such as survey information, contract information and/or site registrations. We do not automatically collect any of this information from our website visitors. Visitors may be surveyed for feedback concerning this website.

Use of Information

Unless prohibited by law, we may use and share information we collect about Visitors with other member companies of Principal Retirement Advisors Pvt. Ltd. or unaffiliated third parties for a variety of purposes.

Changes to our Online Privacy Policy

Principal Retirement Advisors may make changes to our online privacy policies occasionally. We recommend that Visitors to our site review our online privacy policies from time to time to learn of new privacy practices and changes to our policies.

Links to Other Sites

This web site contains links to other sites, and other sites may link to this site. Web sites linking to and from this site may have different privacy practices from the ones described here at www.principalindia.com. The privacy policies of the Principal apply only to its website. Visitors should read the privacy statements of other web sites they visit for information regarding specific privacy practices.

Information on Our Website Security

The information for the accounts you have with the Principal Retirement Advisors Private Limited is kept secure and confidential through multiple security features and procedures.

  • The information you request from our website for your accounts can only be accessed with your password. It is your responsibility to keep your password confidential.
  • Do not disclose your password to anyone. Our employees and associates will never ask you for your password.
  • Never write your password on something others may see.
  • Change your password immediately by accessing our website using your login ID, if you suspect someone has discovered it.
  • Information you submit through our website, as well as the information we send back to you while you are visiting our website, is protected while passing through the Internet using strong encryption ("scrambling" to make it incomprehensible) when necessary. Our secure server software encrypts information, ensuring that Internet communications through our website stay private and protected.
  • To enable our customers to process transactions at our website, we use cookies.
  • Your account information is not permanently stored on our Web server. The information only resides on our Web server while you are viewing the information. It is permanently stored on our secured corporate computer systems.
  • Our corporate network systems, which store your account information, use proven security controls.
  • We have data security staff whose sole responsibilities are to ensure the security of the information we process and store.

The Principal has policies and procedures in place to limit access to your information to only those who have a business need to view it

Secure Server Software
To ensure the security of your confidential account information, we use proven security software to encrypt the information before it is transmitted through the Internet. We only allow confidential information to be submitted for transmission if your browser is compatible with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), our security software. If your browser is not compatible, you will receive a message indicating your transaction can not be completed because of the security risk.

SSL establishes a secure connection between two parties (for example, your browser and our web server). It is used to implement HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP, and is an open technology supported across various browsers (for example, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer). The Principal AMC requires that you use an SSL-enabled browser to communicate with the secure area of our site. You know you are visiting the secure area of our site when the URL begins with "https://...". We have also implemented a firewall to protect all of our systems that are not part of the Internet from intrusion.

Use of Cookies
The www.principalindia.com site, like many web sites, uses "cookies" (information stored on your computer by your browser at our request). Cookies enable the site to "remember" who you are so that you can get around it easier and more efficiently. Cookies allow you to access secured information, conduct secured transactions, and take advantage of promotional opportunities.

Different web sites store the information in cookies differently. We do not record personal or sensitive information in our cookies. Any such information is stored in our protected systems and not in the cookie or on the Internet.

Definition of Cookies
A "cookie" is a small piece of information sent by a web server to a web browser to be read back from that browser. Cookies are a way to have the browser "remember" specific bits of information.

Note: The information stored within a cookie can be read only by the web server that originally sent the cookie. Web servers cannot read cookies sent by other web servers.

Types of Cookies
The two types of cookies are session cookies and persistent cookies. The key difference between session cookies and persistent cookies is the time of expiration.

  • Session cookies expire at the end of the session.
  • Persistent cookies do not expire at the end of the session.

Session Cookies
A session cookie may be created when you visit a site or portion of a site. The cookie exists for the duration of your visit. For example, a session cookie is created when you use the Personal Login to access secured pages on www.Principalindia.com. Depending on the settings in your browser, you may have the option to deny the session cookie; however, if you deny the cookie you may have trouble using the site which relies on that cookie. Session cookies are no longer accessible after one of the following events.

  • The user logs out of a site or a portion of a site.
  • The user shuts down the browser.
  • The session is inactive for a specified length of time (often 20 minutes). 
  • The user starts a new Internet session on the same computer.

Persistent Cookies
A persistent cookie is used to store your preferences for use by a single site. A persistent cookie is stored on your hard drive and is read by your browser each time you visit the web site that sent the cookie. Please see the Privacy page for more on the information we collect.

We do not disclose any non-public personal information about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as permitted or required under the applicable statutory /regulatory provisions, or as called upon by any Authority/Regulator/Law Enforcing Agency, or as necessary to provide and offer to you our services and  products. Where our customer requires or has consented to, the same may also be shared with our associates/group companies, enabling them to offer to our customer their services and products. We may disclose all of the information we collect, as described above, to certain non-affiliated third parties such as, but not limited to, attorneys, accountants, auditors and persons or entities that are assessing our compliance with industry standards. We enter into contractual agreements with all non-affiliated third parties that prohibit such third parties from disclosing or using the information other than to carry out the purposes for which we disclose the information.

We restrict access to non-public personal information about you to those employees who need to know that information to provide financial products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to maintain requisite standards to guard your nonpublic personal information.

How Can You Reach Us?

Principal Retirement Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
Exchange Plaza, ‘B’ Wing, 2nd Floor, NSE Building,
Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400 051.
Tel: 022 67720555

Have a question? Write to us at inquiry@principalindia.com.


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