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  • Retirement is The Principal® core competency, representing over 90% of total assets under management globally.
  • More than 65 years of experience in retirement planning.

Tools & Calculators

Household Expense Analyser

Our Household Expense Analyser helps you determine how your Household Expenses will increase in line with Inflation taking into account your Improvement in Lifestyle.

 Analyse your Household Expenses Now

Cost of Postponement Calculator

Our Cost of Postponement Calculator helps your determine how much is the corpus needed for your goal, how to get there and what is the cost of delay in achieving the same.

 Find out how much is the cost of postponement.

Retirement Planner

Our Retirement Calculator helps you determine how much money you will need for your retirement. Are you ready for retirement?

 Find out your retirement readiness here.

Inflation Calculator

Our Inflation Calculator helps you determine the money you will need for your expenses considering the effect of inflation.

 Find out how much money you will need in the future.

Savings Calculator

Our Savings Calculator helps you determine the future value of your savings.

 Find out how much your savings will grow in the future.

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