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Household Expense Analyser

Household Expense Analyser
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Age till Expense Required :        
Expense Heads Monthly Expense Amounts (in ) Indicative Inflation Rate(%) Inflation Expected Per Annum(%) Impact of Improvement in Lifestyle (per annum)(%) Years upto Child school education
Food & beverages : 8.5  
Apparel & Accessories : 2.5  
Housing & Maintenance (Rent, Society Charges, Municipal bills etc.) : 11.5  
Utilities (Electricity, Gas Supply etc.) : 2.5  
Household Products (Toiletries, kitchenware etc.) : 2.5  
Personal Products & Services (Grooming, Househelp etc.) : 8.0  
Children School Education (School fee, tution fee, books, stationery etc.) : 8.0
Communication (Telephone, Mobile, Internet charges) : 1.0  
Transport (Petrol, Public Transport, Driver Charges, Car maintenance etc.) : 8.0  
Healthcare (Medicines, Doctor's Fees etc.) : 5.0  
Entertainment (Cable TV, Movies, Eating Out, Books, Picnics etc.) : 2.5  
Other Expenses (if any) : 5.0  
Select the year for which you would like to see the monthly expenses :  
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Please click on calculate button once you have entered the values in the respective fields. The calculation of Household Expense is performed assuming that you are entering values at the begining of the year and thus excel sheet shows the value after inflating the values till the end of each year.


This calculator is for the illustrative purposes only and for the convenience of the customers and may be used at their sole discretion. Principal Retirement Advisors Private Limited is not guaranteeing or promising or forecasting any returns and under no circumstances would be liable for any losses in any adverse event .

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Household Monthly Expenses
    Food & beverages :
    Apparel & Accessories :
    Housing & Maintenance :
    Utilities :
    Household Products :
    Personal Products & Services :
    Children School Education :
    Communication :
    Transport :
    Healthcare :
    Entertainment :
    Other Expenses :
Total :