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Feel confident and well prepared for your future, whether you’re nearing retirement or just starting out.

We can help you assess your current overall financial situation and offer recommendations about investment solutions that fit your goals and risk tolerance based on your the retirement timeline.



Our comprehensive, step-by-step retirement-focused approach ensures that we help you plan for all your financial dreams.

Identifying your financial & retirement goals

Identify various life stage responsibilities and goals to estimate the corpus required towards achieving these goals. This includes planning for various life-stage goals such as child’s education, marriage and post retirement income along with other short-term goals like contingencies or vacations. The next step is to estimate the corpus that would be required at various points in time to meet these goals. This helps you understand your financial needs in the future and prepares you for taking the necessary steps.


Planning entails a complete financial health check. The basic objective is to estimate your cash flow and the risk to its continuity. It involves a complete assessment of your income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Planning helps understand whether you are living above your means or whether your liabilities would eat into your savings. It helps you to understand how your money flows!

Investor Profiling

Assess your risk profile to understand your risk tolerance and appetite. While risk appetite refers to your capacity to take risk, risk tolerance indicates how much risk your finances can handle. Your investment decisions depend on your risk profiling to a great extent.

Asset Allocation

Recommend an asset allocation to diversify and adapt your portfolio to your needs and investment climate. Asset allocation is the process of combining various asset classes such as large and small/ mid-cap equities, bonds, cash equivalents, gold etc. Typically, each investment category reacts differently to changing economic and market conditions creating a mix of asset classes that can help balance risk and return.

Investment Allocation Strategy

Advise investment options to deploy savings in chosen alternatives. Asset allocation determines the overall asset classes for investment. The next critical step is to choose from a wide variety of investment options available amongst each asset class and make investments as per the plan.

Periodic Monitoring and Rebalancing

Review your plan for your risk tolerance, cash flow volatility and market conditions and rebalance as necessary. It is important to monitor and review your plan every 3-6 months and rebalance your portfolio after taking into account the above factors.

Whether you're starting to save for retirement, on the way to retiring or already retired, a We can help you navigate the retirement planning process with ease.
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