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Mutual Funds

Achieving your long-term retirement goals takes judicious planning and prudent investments. Principal Retirement Advisors offers a number of ways to invest in mutual funds that are professionally managed by well-known and respected fund managers.

We offer mutual funds ranging from debt to equity. We establish our selection on first-hand, in-depth research taking into consideration various factors including investment philosophy, portfolio quality, risk-adjusted returns and market development. 

We provide:

  • Assistance at every step of the investment process
  • An experienced research team and custom-made software tools to evaluate and help you make informed decisions


Professional Management

Mutual funds provide the benefit of professional fund management by investment experts. It is ideal for investors who do not have the time or knowledge about markets to be able to monitor and invest in them.


Mutual funds provide you with an opportunity to invest in varied investment schemes at a relatively lower amount. Diversification allows investors to spread their portfolio across sectors and industries, in turn reducing the overall risk of the portfolio.

Low Transaction Cost

Mutual funds leverage economies of scale and pay lower transaction costs. The benefits are passed on to a mutual fund investor, who may not avail this benefit by investing in the market directly.


Mutual funds offer regular or periodic liquidity windows depending on the type of mutual fund scheme.


Investors benefit from the convenience and flexibility offered by mutual funds to invest in a wide range of schemes. Most open-ended schemes also offer the option of a systematic investment plan (SIP) and withdrawal.

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