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Only about 12% of the Indian workforce is covered by some form of retirement benefit scheme.

With more than 88% of the working population uncovered, the existing system is unlikely to act as a social security umbrella for retirement.


Buying a New Home?

Homeownership is a core component of most Indians' financial security. That is why it is important to build a budget for financial protection into your new home purchase.

Need help with getting started as a home buyer and considering how your expenses will change with home ownership? We can help you with some of the questions:

  • Have you evaluated what you will need for a down payment?
  • Will your home purchase have an impact on your other financial goals?
  • Do you need to make adjustments to your financial plan?
  • If you’re going to live in the home as your primary residence, do you understand the tax benefits of home ownership?

How we can help

Once you’ve decided on a home to purchase, we can assist you with various home-buying details, and help you stay on track to achieve your other financial goals

Relocating after retirement?

Look out for these factors when considering your retirement housing needs:

  • Weather conditions – Opt for a place which has a moderate climate to spend in your old age.
  • Recreational options – Recreational facilities around your home will help you remain active.
  • Good Infrastructure – Area with good local transportation and connectivity, good amenities, supermarkets, internet  and communications facilities for convenient and easy access.
  • Career opportunities – Career opportunities for continuing in your field of work or opting for an entirely new career or some part-time opportunities to keep you engaged.
  • Economic cost of living – Ideally, the cost of living should be lower than your existing area of residence.
  • Good healthcare – Move closer to good healthcare; check the availability of good medical facilities near your house.
  • Proximity to banks and other financial institutions – The location of your bank, mutual funds or DP where you hold your demat account are also important.
  • Pollution & Traffic - Avoid congested cities; check the level of pollution and traffic congestion in the new city.

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