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8 Important Questions to Consider when Planning for Retirement

  • When should I retire?
  • How much retirement corpus will I need?
  • How can I ensure a regular retirement income?
  • What type of investments should I make?
  • What will be the tax implications of the investments?
  • How will I meet my housing needs?
  • How will I meet my children’s needs for higher education and marriage?
  • How will I provide for increasing healthcare costs during old-age?


To achieve your financial and retirement goals, you need the right amount of corpus to take care of your key commitments and provide for regular income to maintain your lifestyle post retirement.

To begin building your plan, here are six steps we will take you through.


Step 1

Identifying your financial & retirement goals

Identify various life-stage responsibilities and goals to estimate the corpus required towards achieving these goals.

Step 2

Analysis of the current financial situation

Estimate your current cash flow, risk to its continuity, current asset allocation etc.

Step 3

Investor Profiling

Assess your risk tolerance and appetite.

Step 4

Asset Allocation

Recommend an asset allocation to diversify and adapt your portfolio to your needs, risk appetite and investment climate.

Step 5

Investment Allocation Strategy

Advise investment options to deploy savings in chosen alternatives.

Step 6

Periodic Monitoring and Rebalancing

Review your plan for your risk tolerance, cash flow volatility and market conditions and rebalance as necessary.


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